Jewellery designer, Jacqueline Lohan, has had a life long fascination and love of precious metals and gemology. At the age of 13, her stepfather taught her to solder metals, offering a new medium to express her creativity. Jacquie followed her passion by pursuing metallurgy, chemistry of metals and gemology in college. After working as a Goldsmith and designer for several other companies abroad and in Bermuda, Jacquie founded Atlantic Jewellery Studio in 1999. Soon after, the Dean of A.C.E at Bermuda College enlisted her to inaugurate the first Jewellery and Metal smithing Program in Bermuda. She has since received awards from Best of Bermuda in the categories of ‘Handmade Jewellery’ and ‘ Trendy Jewellery’. Her award-winning Jewellery has also been featured on a Bermuda Postage Stamp! For the past 24 years Bermuda’s beaches and beautiful Atlantic waters have inspired her designs and collections.
Judith Matos brings a wealth of knowledge to our studio.  Her love of jewellery and gemstones has kept her in the industry for the past 25 years.  After working with Jacquie at Walker Christopher Jewellers in the early 90's, Judith is familiar with Jacquie’s artistic vision for a jewellery studio that offers exquisite handcrafted pieces. She is always happy to help her customers find that special something.
Kevin has been a proud support of his wife's efforts and is impressed by her accomplishments. He assists with the computer and photography needs as well as selling when necessary. Offering a bit of advice and sounding board from new ideas for Jacquie, he is very agile as he often needs to jump out of the way when she is on a roll!
Bermudian artist, (and raw vegan chef) Jocelyn Powell has been working with Jacquie at Atlantic Jewellery Studio for the past 12 years.  She has studied many different aspects of the jewellery trade and since joined the team of designers who draw inspiration from Bermuda’s island beauty.  The artist in Powell connects with the love for her island.  Using the island’s esteemed Bermuda cedar and famed pink sand, Jocelyn handcrafts many of Atlantic Jewellery Studio’s stunning jewellery pieces that are on display in the showroom.
Young but not lacking in a sense of style, Madeleine Rose works part time at Atlantic Jewellery Studio when she is not at school studying. Energetic and eager to learn, she is a wonderful addition to our team!